• Ticks and Lyme Disease Awareness

    At this time of year it’s important to be aware and careful in areas where there may be blacklegged ticks (also called deer ticks), which can carry the germ that causes Lyme disease. For more important information on protecting against ticks and Lyme disease please visit www.novascotia.ca/hpp/cdpc/lyme.asp.


  • Name the New Bridgetown School! Contest closes at noon on June 10, 2016...

    As a member of the community of Bridgetown and surrounding area, we request your input in naming our new school. Click here for more information.

  • Acadia Athletics and Canadian Tire Jumpstart

      Acadia Athletics is again partnered with Canadian Tire Jumpstart for their summer camp programs helping to provide recreational opportunities for children and youth in financial need. Jumpstart will cover the registration cost for each eligible participant to a maximum of $300.  Acadia has set the fee at $150 per camp for Jumpstart eligible participants which allows a child to attend two summer camps hosted by Acadia Athletics.  Click here to view the Jumpstart Summer Camp brochure outlining the criteria. By submitting the application, you are considered the necessary reference required and hence Jumpstart will automatically approve the submission. 

    Acadia Athletics are also very excited to announce a partnership with the town of Wolfville.  Acadia will be offering a wider range of summer camps in addition to high performance camps. A list of camps is included with the online application. Simply click on the link below.


  • Traffic Flow due to Construction Vehicles - Effective April 25, 2016 onward

      Due to the New School construction and sewer/road construction on Faye Road, construction vehicles will be accessing the site through a temporary construction road on the east side of BRHS.


    Therefore the traffic flow will be altered for May and June. Busses and cars will enter at the west driveway and students can be dropped off at the western entrance to the school.


    For busses to access the back of the school to pick up and drop off students, they need to swing in front of the school. For this reason we need the front of the school clear of cars.


    Click here to view traffic flow map.


    If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 902-665-5400 or bill.reid@avrsb.ca.


    Thanks for your cooperation and understanding,

    Bill Reid, Principal

  • Advanced Placement Course Information

      Advanced Placement courses are available to grade 11 and 12 students whom are capable of advanced curriculum opportunities in a variety of areas. Click here for more information.

  • Student/Parent Portal

    If you wish to access your child's academic and attendance performance(s) please contact the BRHS office.

  • Student Absences

    If a student is going to be absent, parents are asked to phone the school so that the student will be excused for the day.  Parents will only be contacted if the absence is unexcused. 

  • Have you recently moved or changed your contact information?

    Effective and timely communication to parents/guardians is essential. Please contact the BRHS office if you have new contact information (phone/mailing address/email).

School Info

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 40, Bridgetown, NS, B0S 1C0
Phone: 665-5400/665-5412
Fax: 665-5404
Email: brhs@avrsb.ca