Friday, October 19, 2018


The next GSA meeting will be on Thursday the 25th, at lunch in Ms. Handley’s room.


Today is BRCS Spirit Day: Could ML teachers please send the number of students sporting BRCS colors.



The first senior boys basketball tryout is tonight from 6-8:00.  See Mr. Chisholm if you have any questions.


Student Services

Mrs. Blanchard has brought board games for the outer counselling office and would like to Gr 12 students: New scholarships available! See Mrs. Blanchard’s Google Classroom


Grads - join Mrs. Blanchard’s Google Classroom!


Name: “BRCS Scholarships & Bursaries”         Code qt09bch


All students - join Mrs. Blanchard’s Google Classroom for news, events, etc!

Name: “BRCS Student Services”    Code 2pxa9y


Open House Dates (ordered by date)

Mount Allison - October 12 (9am-2:45pm) (free lunch & on-the-spot free admission!)

UNB (Fredericton) - October 13

NSCC - October 18 (9am-7pm)

Acadia - Oct 19 & Nov 2 (8:30am) (free lunch & chance to win tuition money!)

UNB (St John) - October 20

NBCC (Miramichi/Woodstock/Moncton) - October 27 (9am-12pm)

NBCC (Fredericton/Saint John/St Andrews) - November 3 (9am-12pm)

There is information regarding a “Wilderness and Remote First Aid Certification Course” for Girls/Women posted on the bulletin board outside the gym. October 19-21, 2018 Age: 12+-Course cost: $130 for youth ages 12-18; $200+tax for ages 19+